Best xbox one games for kids

When looking for the best Xbox One games for kids, there are number of things that parents should look for. The first of these being that they will be able to actually enjoy the game. The last thing you want is for a game to be too difficult. Click here to find out more.

If you are looking for the best Xbox One games for kids then you need look no further than our guide. Whether your kids are looking for an adventure, to play with their favorite super heroes or wish to play with animals. We have you covered with a range of options. Buying games for kids may seem daunting. But, in fact there are a large number of suitable options.

When looking to buy games for kids there are two things to always think of. That they will enjoy it and that there is nothing too graphic for them to see. Making sure they enjoy it is easier than you think as there are a number of options available to suit whatever your child likes. In this technological era there are games offering everything from superheroes, adventure stories through to animals. Keep in mind the rating of each game should be E which means it is suitable for all ages.

best xbox one games for kids

The Best Xbox One Games for Kids

Finding the best kids games for Xbox One is all about knowing what your child likes in order to ensure that they will have fun while playing. The last thing anyone wants is to have to go back to the store. And, buy another game because they did not get something their kids would enjoy. The beauty now is that you don’t even have to leave your home with Amazon being just a click away.


Yooka-Laylee Xbox One

This game offers your child the ability to form their own buddy pair with the characters Yooka the chameleon. And, also Laylee the bat. The developers behind the game have a background in developing games specifically for Nintendo. This means that you can be assured they know what makes these games great.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If your kids have taken a liking to the Avengers characters, then this game will enable them to live out their fantasies. The game allows them to pick any member of the team. So, children can simply pick their favourite member and continue on through the game in this fashion. Be it Iron Man, Captain America or even the Hulk. This game allows children to become immersed in the Marvel Universe, in a unique LEGO style.

Zoo Tycoon

If your kids are animal lovers then this will be the perfect game for them. Although it is about building and managing a zoo, one of the great things about this is for kids. They are just to be able to interact with the animals. The main premise is learning how to become a zookeeper and children are required to look after the animals much as they would a real-life pet. Whilst the menus are a little more cumbersome in the Xbox One version. The graphics are still stellar and create a fully immersive environment.

Buying the Best Kids Games on Xbox One

When looking for the best games for kids Xbox One then you need to look no further than our guide. It is important to look through the selection of games to find what your kids most enjoy. There are plenty of games out there that are fun and suitable for kids. The list also includes a Pixar game featuring a whole host of beloved characters.

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