Best phone for under £200

This amazing guide will put a smile on your face by locating the best phone for under £200. Only the top brands and phones with the best user-options will be featured.

These phones are so affordable that you might even consider buying one for your kid, or even several phones if you have more than one. Many people who are starting new businesses are also in the market for these phones. It helps as they do to moderate startup costs.

These phones are sturdy and really do perform well compared with phones that are more expensive. They have excellent clarity, whether talking or listening. And have the added facility of being able to recharge in a short space of time.

In actual fact, the batteries in these phones are so long-lasting that will be quite some time before you even need to consider recharging. Additionally, they allow you to take pictures with very high definition. And, they have a high-quality video-recording function.

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The Best Phone for Under £200 in 2018

When you are looking for the best android phone for under £200, you might well wonder whether such a phone will actually function properly. You may look at the more expensive phones. And, may well be tempted to think that one of them is what you need. But a more budget-friendly phone will work extremely well for you, in all probability. It is really good news when you are on a tight budget and really need to stretch your money as far as you can.

The top picks are detailed for you here:


4G Smartphone: Oukitel C5 Pro

The Oukitel C5 Pro 4G Smartphone provides you with a state-of-the-art android operating system. It has a quad core that offers up to 1.3GHz. And, you will be impressed with the micro SIM double standby, not to mention the convenience of a camera in the front.

The Leagoo Kiicaa Power 5.0-inch Android 7.0

The Leagoo Kiicaa Power 5.O-inch Android 7.0 is a magnificent find with a discount of over £100. This device is amazingly powerful and comes to you with an MTK6580A quad core. It looks smart and classy. And, it will work well for a business professional who is watching the pennies.

The Motorola Moto G5

The Motorola Moto G5 is a slim, lightweight but sturdy smartphone with a large, responsive touchscreen and a surprisingly good camera for the price. The Motorola supports most apps. And, it has a fingerprint sensor for extra security. An excellent choice for anyone who wants all the functionality of a high-end phone without the hefty price tag.

Smartphones: No Need to Shell Out

It really is worth considering what the best mobile phone for under £200 might be. This research may well result in you getting access to a great-quality phone for a fraction of the cost of the more expensive ones. The selection here highlights phones which are among the very best.

They are superbly reliable for all your needs, whether making or receiving calls, texting, making videos, taking pictures or using the internet. When buying a smartphone, there are plenty of excellent, affordable options out there.

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