Best over ear headphones under £50

In order to compile a list of the best over ear headphones under £50, we’ve scoured the net and had a close look at a variety of different brands, models and headsets to try. And, cover a wide variety of needs. We’re aware that headphone users are a mix of music professionals, music fans, gamers or perhaps even just students or workers who want to kill some time on the bus or train by listening to their favourite tunes.

Headphones these days come in three main forms: in-ear, on-ear and over-ear. Each types contains its own set and limitations. In ear headphones are lighter and easier to carry around. But, there are not as portable and are not well suited for gaming or high quality sound. On ear headphones are better suited towards the latter. But, it can be more uncomfortable when worn over long periods of time. This is where over ear headphones come in; they’re designed to fit in a way that won’t cause too much discomfort and have a variety of useful features.

best over ear headphones under £50, over ear headphones under £50

The Best Over Ear Headphones Under £50 to Buy Right Now

Over-ear headphones can be more comfortable as they don’t press on the cartilage of the ears. They also provide advanced technological features such as high-fidelity sound and noise cancellation. Of course, such features will differ from model to model as some will be higher in quality than others. It’s important to look for a pair that will distribute weight evenly across your head. As well as keeping an eye out for padding and soft material on top. Don’t worry – our list of over ear headphones under £50 takes into consideration all of these characteristics.

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MillSO PC Gaming Headset

This model is brought to you by MillSO, a well known provider of reliable gadgets such as bluetooth speakers, audio cables, gaming headphones. And, also a large assortment of many audio products. This headset is also fitted with skin friendly material and versatile compatibility with a broad variety of devices.

Jeecoo G1500

Jeecoo is an overlooked but high-quality brand that distributes top level headsets and audio gadgets including wireless earphones as well as headphones. A full list can be seen on their Facebook page. The Jeecoo G1500 is built for comfort with thick padding on the headband and ear cups. As well as an omnidirectional microphone that can pick up sound at 360 degrees.

Elegiant Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

Last but not least comes this headset by Elegiant, a brand new company that specializes in intelligent and electronic products. These headphones have a long length design, a noise cancelling microphone boom and a rotary volume adjuster on the ear cups which makes for easy and convenient use.

Top Tips When Looking for Over Ear Headphones

Remember that even when on a budget, don’t trade a low amount of cash for a low amount of quality. The headphones listed above are the creme de la creme when it comes to a cost-effective solution paired with value for money spent. If you’re a dedicated gamer, then we do highly recommend the MillSO model for when it comes to sitting in front of the screen, you want something that works well and is comfortable. On the other hand, the Jeeco is also worth considering if you’re a bit short on cash. Three things are essential: High sound quality, good noise cancellation and most of all, comfort.