Best iphone 6s screen protector

Most people today carry around at least one smartphone, and all that time in our hands means that inevitably, our phone is bound to fall, or have something fall on it. Best iphone 6s screen protector – find out more!

Never fear, necessity is the mother of invention. And, through the necessity of having to keep our mobile device screens scratch and crack free, screen protectors came to be. This article will be looking at the best iPhone 6S screen protector available right now.

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At its most basic, a screen protector is an extra sheet of material placed on the glass screens of our mobile devices. Typically, this additional protective sheet is made of some type of plastic. And, at times, also glass. This additional layer of plastic or tempered glass between the device’s actual screen and the outside world, prevents it from potential damage lurking around the corner. Plastic screen protectors may often be cheaper than glass ones.

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Best iPhone 6s Screen Protector for Your Pocket and Needs

The following list of screen protectors for iPhone 6S has been carefully curated for you based on various factors such as price and quality. They have all been highly rated as screen protectors by people who have already bought and tested them out. So, you don’t have to make any rookie mistakes! You are sure to find the best screen protector for iPhone 6s somewhere on this list.


Nearpow iPhone Screen Protector

This screen protector is a winning combination of cost and quality. At only £4.99 for a 3-pack, yes, you read it correctly, a 3-pack of screen protectors. It is made of 0.26mm tempered glass. And, which means it will be like adding a second skin to you phone!

JETech iPhone Scratch-Proof Screen Protector

The JETech version of the iPhone 6S screen protector is the one to look out for when looking for high protection for your phone screen. A steal at £4.99 for a 2-pack of tempered glass iPhone 6S screen protectors. This can resist even the hardest scratches and scrapes.

Techgear Screen Protectors

Cost cutting madness, this 10-pack of iPhone 6S screen protectors is literally daylight robbery at £2.79. Each of the 10 screen protectors in the pack is made of crystal clear film. And, even come with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Best of the Bunch?

There are literally thousands of screen protectors to choose from. And, it all depends on personal style, requirements and budget. As you saw, you can get a pretty good deal from as little as £2.79, however prices do go up. Remember, the best iPhone 6S screen protector UK will be thin, cost-effective. And, made of a durable and protective material.