Best home cinema speakers

When looking at the best home cinema speakers, it is important not only to consider how much you can spend but also to understand all the different options available. So, that you can work out what would be the most suitable for your viewing preferences. Think about what would work best in your space and with your habits. You should pay attention to the layout and design of the system. And also to the brand and its reputation.

When buying home cinema speakers, there are a few different routes that you can travel to get what you are looking for. The first is to go with a single speaker set-up, just for its simplicity. Another option is to go with a surround-sound package with several speakers spread out around the room. You could always start with a single and then keep adding to it. Once you have settled on your preference.

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Choose the Best Home Cinema Speakers for You

It’s essential to know what will work regarding dimensions – speakers come in many different sizes, and you want them to fit well in your room. There are other choices to be made. Will you go for a sub-woofer, for a sound bar, for floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, for example. Our list of the best home cinema speakers 2018 will help you ensure that you know what you’re looking for. We’ve picked out speakers that stand out in terms of quality and style. And, you’re sure to find what you need as you read through the reviews.

Our selection of home cinema speaker systems:


KEF T205 Surround Sound Speaker System

The KEF T205 is one of the market leaders when it comes to surround-sound systems. Although, its price point may not make it everyone’s go-to choice. However, it is well worth the cost with its amazing sound quality and ability to immerse you in it. With an astonishing range and impressive power, the KEF T205 also looks stunning. It is elegantly minimalistic, it is sure to enhance any room.

SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar

The Sonos PLAYBAR is one of the best wireless soundbars out there today. And from one of the most respected speaker manufacturers into the bargain. You will be able to hear crisp highs from the tweeters. As well as all of the lows and bass, thanks to the amazing sub-woofer. Sleek and subtle, the Sonos PLAYBAR is easy to upgrade by adding more speakers whenever you decide.

Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker

The Klipsch RP-250C is one of the market leaders when it comes to today’s centre-channelled speakers. At just under £300, you’ll be getting excellent quality sound through a compact, traditional ‘cabinet’ style speaker. It’s one of a whole series of speakers in the same style, but of different shapes and sizes. So, you can gradually build a system in your room speaker-by-speaker.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best 5.1 home cinema speakers it is important to look at all the options on the market. In terms of set-up and price point, to ensure that you will have a system that all your neighbours covet. And, which will certainly make them look to your home as the go-to place for that entertainment experience. When haveing good sound you also need good image quality, read more about this in our guide for best 4k tv under £1000.