Best chinese smartwatch

If you’re looking for a tech upgrade to your plain digital watch, you can get a really good smartwatch from China. You might be hesitant to opt for a Chinese smartwatch, seeing as there are names like Apple launching their smartwatch. But, you can get a good quality Chinese smartwatch with comparable quality for much less money. Here’s our picks for the best Chinese smartwatch you can get from Amazon UK.

A smartwatch is a device that is designed to be worn on the wrist. And, it offers the user multiple convenient functions including health apps to track your heart rate and general fitness tracking. Smartwatches typically have a superior battery life to smartphones. So, look for a smartwatch with a good battery life that will last you at least a full day without having to recharge it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the money.

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Best Chinese Smartwatch for Under £100

Here are the best Chinese smartwatch 2018 models to consider spending your money on. Don’t be put off by the cheap price tag, they can satisfy some basic smartwatch requirements pretty well for the price. We’ve picked what we think is the best combination of design and functionality. And, how comfortable it is to wear. Of course, you can’t forget design. You’re wearing this on your wrist and you want a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing look.

Here’s our top picks for Chinese smartwatches:


CHEREEKI Bluetooth Smart Watch

If you’re an Android user, then it doesn’t get better than this multi-functional smartwatch from CHEREEKI. The price point may sound too good to be true at under £20. But, a quick perusal of the reviews reveals plenty of satisfied customers. It’s compatible with other operating systems. But, it’s reported that Android works the best.

Keoker Bluetooth Smartwatch

This watch comes in at a higher price point. But, it’s still under £100, and for that, you can get a really good upgrade with several extra functions. This smartwatch is slightly smaller in terms of screen size but is water resistant, has a SIM card slot and Bluetooth function. It can monitor your heart rate. And, speed can be used as an alarm and stopwatch and many other functions. It also has an attractive design, looking more like a regular watch.

KW18 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Similar in design to the Koeker smartwatch with it’s neat, sleek design, it’s also water resistant and offers many of the same functions. The only small down side is that customers tend to complaint that it’s bulky on the wrist and the battery life is not the best out there.

Why You Should Get a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming a pretty mainstream gadget. They’re really the next best things after smartphones – offering you good battery life, the ability to answer message by voice (with some models) and with a compact size that make it even easier to carry around than a regular smartphone. They’re also steadily replacing fitness trackers typically worn on the arm during exercise – which don’t offer any other functions or apps besides fitness tracking.

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