Best board games of all time

Board games provide classic fun to be had with your friends and family. If there’s nothing on TV, then why not pick up a board game? There’s so many to choose from, catering to all personalities. If it’s a tactical game you’re after, or one that challenges your mind, or indeed one which is just a lot of fun to play, we’ve got them all here; the best board games of all time!

Well, where to begin? Let’s start as we mean to go on, with the all-time classic of Scrabble. This word game pits the players against one another in a test of vocabulary and a struggle to gain the most points. If words aren’t your thing, then how about a quick game of Pictionary, where everyone’s drawing skills are put to the test. For strategy, and inevitable cheating, there is always the perennial favourite of Monopoly. Or, for those who don’t want to think, why not Snakes and Ladders?

best board games of all time

Finding the Best Board Games of All Time

There are a number of considerations that players will bear in mind when looking for the best adult board games of all time. Firstly, the game needs to cater to the needs of the players. For example, how many players can join, is it a strategy game or how much time does it take to play? For many, quality doesn’t necessarily come into play. But, those who deem it important should look out for games by top brands such as Hasbro or Mattel. Others may simply make their final decision based on price.

Here are some of the top board games:


Classic Risk

Not for the faint-hearted, Risk is a classic strategy game in which the object is to take over the world! Friendships are lost over this game, which can span hours unless participants agree to a condensed version. Originally offered as just conquering the world, the game now comes in multiple formats, with a futuristic version incorporating the moon and numerous film-and-TV-related options. With Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings ranking high in these extra versions.

Classic Monopoly

This family favourite is another game that divides as much as it brings together. More a game of life, the aim is to build hotels and make money from fellow players. However, Monopoly brings out the cheater in everyone, and, with this in mind, Hasbro has released a version specifically for those sticky-fingered individuals.

Classic Scrabble

Last but not least on this list is Scrabble. An age-old classic, this game requires players to use their brains and their knowledge of vocabulary to best each other. The longer the word, or the more Zs and Js that can be squeezed in, the higher the point value.

Get Gaming

We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to board games. Some of the other best selling board games of all time include the mystery game Cluedo, Pictionary, Hungry Hippos and Snakes and Ladders. However, there is so much choice available, and it all ultimately really depends on personal preference. Amazon has it all covered and offers most of these games for excellent prices.

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