Best action camera under £100

You may doubt that it’s possible to find the best action camera under £100 – how can anything that good cost so little?. You will be happy to know that you are wrong. There are some fantastic cameras for you to record anything from swimming with dolphins to skydiving. And they are available at a relatively cheap price tag. We know that life is exciting. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Here we will give you a run-down of the best budget action cameras on Amazon.

When you start shopping for your new camera you are going to want to make sure you get the right one for the job. You wouldn’t dig a tunnel with a screwdriver. And, so you shouldn’t buy a camera without mounts for your mountain biking footage. As with everything, make sure you check out the reviews on the products to make sure they are what you’re looking for.

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Our Guide to Buying the Best Action Camera Under £100.

Three criteria spring to mind when thinking of the best action camera under £100 UK. First, it obviously must be under £100. Second, it must be of high quality, and third, it must be durable. Finding a camera on sale is usually the best way to get a good cross-section of the three. It may be wise to look for a more expensive camera that’s on offer instead than just buying a cheap one.

In order of preference, our top picks are:

  • The Akaso EK700000:
  • The Venture Action Camera:
  • The Apeman 4K waterproof camera:
  • The Campark ACT74:

Akaso EK700000

Our Number One pick, for under £100 this is the camera with the most. And, also greatest, reviews. It is of top quality and it’s durable. But, it’s also the most expensive on our list. If you have the funds we highly recommend this camera.  With ultra HD recording and photos at thirty frames a second, you won’t miss a single moment. Best of all, integrated WIFI means you can immediately share your pictures across your social media accounts. And also with all your other devices.

Venture Action Camera

Number Two is the cheapest camera we’ve included, so for those looking to perform on a bare-bones budget look no further than this little gem. Despite its low cost it is still very highly reviewed. So, that is saying something about the value. The camera is water resistant up to thirty metres deep – perfect for divers who want to record what they see. The wide-angle lens allows for a fantastic range, and you can easily replace the battery. Thus, prolonging the life of your camera.

Apeman 4K camera

And for Number Three we have the Apeman 4k Camera. Of all the things that we love about this camera, we would say the best is that it comes with a remote. It is good for when which your hands aren’t able to hit record, such as when you are scuba diving or involved in other such action adventures. With 20 free accessories, you can customise the camera to fit your lifestyle. It can also be controlled by your phone when viewing pictures and recordings.

Final Thoughts

For the best action camera under £100 2018, you want to find what is right for you.Make sure you read the reviews and do your homework. And, keep in mind the most valuable features for your life style. Everyone has different needs and requirements for their camera. And, we hope this guide has shown you some of the best cameras that cover most of them. If you feel that your budget is tight and you have other things you want to spend your money on, maybe it’s better to invest in a new phone to get both a camera and a new phone at the same time? Get more tips here: best phone for under £200.